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Voting is now closed. Last year's voting guidelines are here for reference only.

Who can vote?

In order for you to be eligible to vote, at least one of the following must be true:
  1. You are either a Canadian citizen (not necessarily living in Canada) or a permanent resident of Canada, OR
  2. You were a member of the TCON Promotional Society during the Polar Chill mini-convention in July of 2013, OR
  3. You were a member of the TCON Promotional Society during the Reversed Polarity convention in November of 2013, OR
  4. You are currently a member of the TCON Promotional Society, with a membership not expiring before Polar Chill 2 (July of 2014).
All ballots must include a complete name and address, and must include the $5 voting fee. Note that you do not need to vote in all categories. If multiple ballots are received from the same name/address combination, any beyond the first one to reach us may not be counted. Ballots received after June 1st, 2014, will not be counted, and refunds will not be issued for incomplete/ineligible ballots.

What is the voting fee for?

The voting fee is in place to help pay for the costs of the awards, including paying for the trophies, the ceremonies, the MCs, promotions, and various other related costs. If we did not charge this fee, we would not be able to hold our ceremonies, give the winners trophies, etc. - basically, we would just be a poll. Our fee is in line with other similar awards (e.g. The Aurora Awards charge a similar amount for voting). Also to a degree the voting fee helps dissuade people from voting multiple times. Please note that all money received goes into the awards, not a single member of The Constellation Awards team draws a salary or any other compensation for running these awards.

Wait... Non-Canadians can vote?

Yes, as a courtesy to our parent organization, we have extended voting rights to anybody who was a member of the TCON Promotional Society last year or who is a current member this year can vote in the awards as a benefit of their membership - even if they are not Canadian! Note that this membership does not have to be an attending membership to any TCON event. For just $11, you can purchase a Basic Non-Attending Membership to the TCON Promotional Society, and will then be able to vote in the awards. Note that you will still be required to pay the $5 voting fee.

Membership registration is currently closed but will be re-opening soon. Please check back shortly.

[And the nominees are...]

How to vote.

There are two ways to submit your Constellation Award ballot:
  1. Download the PDF version of our voting ballot that can be filled in by hand and sent to us with payment by postal mail (Payment by cheque, money order, or credit card), OR
  2. Use our online voting ballot. The online ballot will allow you to vote and pay immediately online via paypal, or alternately it will accept payment via credit card even if you do not have or want to have a paypal account. Your choices will be sent to us automatically. Note: You must have cookies enabled in your browser to use this form.
Questions about the voting process can be emailed to constellations@tcon.ca.

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