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The Basics
What are The Constellation Awards? Who runs them? Where? When? Why?
And the nominees are...
Check out the full list of this year's nominees!
Previous Years...
A look at previous years, including the winners and photos from the ceremonies.
Winners Gallery
Photos of Constellation Awards winners with their trophies.
Our Trophy
A look at the trophy that the Constellation Awards winners take home.
List of Eligible Shows And Movies
A list of series and films that were eligible for nomination this year.
Categories & Eligibility
Detailed information on the award categories, and the guidelines for eligibility.
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Looking Back At... Previous Constellation Awards

Click on the images below to check out overviews from previous years of The Constellation Awards, including photos and video from each year as well as complete lists of who won!


The 2013 Constellation Awards, hosted by Andrew Jackson & Ellen Dubin.
2012 2011

The 2012 Constellation Awards, hosted by Robin Dunne.

The 2011 Constellation Awards, hosted by Teddy Wilson & Ajay Fry.
2010 2009

The 2010 Constellation Awards, hosted by comedian Gavin Stephens.

The 2009 Constellation Awards, hosted by actress Karen Cliche.
2008 2007

The 2008 Constellation Awards, hosted by actor/comedian Rick Green.

The 2007 Constellation Awards, hosted by Ed the Sock and Liana K.

You may also be interested in seeing our winners gallery with images of past Constellation Awards winners with their trophies.

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