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Looking Back At... The 2010 Constellation Awards

[The 2010 Ceremonies] [Photos from 2010]
[The winners!] [And one loser...] [Other past years]

The 2010 Ceremonies

The 2010 Constellation Awards ceremonies took place on Saturday, July the 17th in the Grand York Ballroom of the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel. The night was hosted by comedian Gavin Stephens ("Comedy Inc.), and featured a wide range of celebrity presenters, including:

Andrew Jackson
Actor, "Being Erica"
"Kyle XY", "Earth: Final Conflict"

Ellen Dubin
"Mutant X", "Blood Ties"

Melanie Neige Scrofano
Actress, "Supernatural"
"Saw VI", "Pure Pwnage"

Karen Cliche
Actress, "Flash Gordon"
"Saw VI", "Mutant X"

Josie Lee
"Forbidden Science", "Organ Grinder"

Sean Hatton
On-Air Personality
"Electric Playground"

Pooja Handa

Ed The Sock & Liana K
TV Personalities
"This Movie Sucks!"

Derwin Mak
Canadian Science Fiction Author

Donnie Coulter & Jeff Moss
Radio Personalities
"The Watchtower" Comic Book Show

Anthony Brown
Seven Group Digital Media

Click here to see photos and video from the 2010 ceremonies.

And the winners were...

Here they are, the winners of the 2010 Constellation Awards. Click on the images/names of the winners to see graphs of the voting breakdown in each category.

Television Categories
1) Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode 2) Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode 3) Best Science Fiction Television Series of 2009.

David Tennant
Doctor Who
The Waters Of Mars

Lena Headey
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep

Film/TV Movie/Mini-Series Categories
4) Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series. 5) Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series. 6) Best Science Fiction Film, TV Movie, or Mini-Series of 2009.

Karl Urban
Star Trek

Zoe Avatar

Star Trek
Other Categories
7) Best Technical Accomplishment in a 2009 Science Fiction Film or Television Production. 8) Best Overall 2009 Science Fiction Film or Television Script. 9)Outstanding Canadian Contribution to Science Fiction Film or Television in 2009.

Avatar - Visual Effects
(Weta Digital)

Flash Forward
No More Good Days
(David S. Goyer & Brannon Braga)

Bruce Greenwood
Star Trek

And One Loser...

See how Actor Robin Dunne reacted to losing by just 1% of the vote!

Please note that while there was no specific fee to attend the ceremonies, those who wished to attend had to purchase a membership to the TCON Promotional Society which granted Saturday or Weekend access to the host convention, Polaris 24.
For more information on TCON Promotional Society memberships, please click here.

Keep up to date on the latest news on both The Constellation Awards and Polar Chill. How? Send an email to constellations@tcon.ca and ask to be subscribed to TCON-News, our electronic newsletter!
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